Wheel Alignments at Gerald Jones Volvo


Ensuring that your car is in alignment helps you get the most mileage out of your tires before having to replace them. Gerald Jones Volvo is your go-to service shop for your vehicle's four-wheel and front-end alignments. Our certified technicians completely inspect your vehicle's suspension as well as utilize a state-of-the-art computer to ensure the proper alignment of your vehicle.

Most of the common signs your vehicle has an improper wheel alignment are:

  • If your tires have uneven tread wear
  • If your steering wheel is off-center
  • If you have to excessively move your steering wheel to get your vehicle to react

What exactly is a wheel alignment?

This is simply the process of adjusting the angles of the wheels and checking to make sure they are in the correct position relative to each other and to the vehicle's body.

Our technicians will place your vehicle on a special alignment rack which will use sensors to measure the angles of the wheels. From there, we are able to adjust the wheel angles as needed. Afterwards, we will provide you with a printout showing the wheel angles before and after the alignment with measurements and specifications.

How often should I get an alignment?

Generally, most vehicles do not have specific alignment requirements. However, we typically recommend one every two or three years. They can easily be done when you purchase new tires. However if you drive more rigorously or have hit a large bump in the road, you may need to have yours checked more frequently.

If you need a front-end or four-wheel alignment for your Volvo, come see us today at Gerald Jones Volvo or schedule an appointment for service online!