Volvo Oil Change at Gerald Jones Volvo


Is your car due for its scheduled oil change? If yes, or you're unsure, visit our service repair shop at Gerald Jones Volvo in Augusta. Our factory-trained technicians at Gerald Jones Volvo know the standards and procedures when it comes to service on all Volvo vehicles.

Whether you need a Volvo XC90 oil change for your brand-new Volvo vehicle, a Volvo S60 oil change on an older model, or you have another Volvo vehicle, we have all the essential oil in our service department at Gerald Jones Volvo to help you with both synthetic and conventional oil. At Gerald Jones Volvo, your time is important to us and our goal is to service your car quickly, efficiently and properly.

Why an oil change is important to us at Gerald Jones Volvo

Oil changes are essential to keeping your vehicle running smoothly and can reduce and remove dirt that has built up in your engine over time. By removing the sludge, your engine can run more efficiently. It also keeps your engine and parts well lubricated to avoid friction.

So how can Gerald Jones Volvo help you understand if you're ready for an oil change? Most cars need oil changes anywhere between 5,000 to 12,000 miles. If you're unsure what your car's interval is, you can check the owner's manual or contact our Volvo service department in Augusta.

It's vital to have your Volvo oil change performed by a professional technician who understands what they're doing. You don't want to treat your car with cheap, bad oil that can cause more damage. Avoid loss of time and money with XC90, XC60, S60 and other Volvo oil changes performed by the licensed professionals at the service department at Gerald Jones Volvo in Augusta.

Volvo oil change FAQs

Q: How much does a Volvo oil change cost?

A: Your Volvo oil change price will vary depending on multiple factors, such as the model, the type of oil needed, etc. The starting price should be somewhere around $70 for an oil and filter change using synthetic oil. However, the price can go up to around $125 for a full-synthetic oil and filter change. Before you schedule a Volvo auto service at Gerald Jones Volvo, our service department would be more than happy to give you an estimate based on your Volvo model specifications.

Q: How often should you change oil in a Volvo?

A: Usually, you need a Volvo oil change somewhere around every 10,000 miles. Your owner's manual will tell you the specific maintenance interval for your vehicle. If you are having trouble determining when to come in, contact our service department at Gerald Jones Volvo in Augusta and we'd be happy to assist you!

Q: Do Volvo cars need synthetic oil?

A: Again, this depends on your specific Volvo model, but it can depend on preference. Usually, synthetic oil is higher quality and most newer Volvo models thrive on it. Our service technicians at Gerald Jones Volvo in Augusta can give you all of the available options and help you make the most informed decision when it comes to the service of your Volvo.

Q: What's the benefit of an oil change at Gerald Jones Volvo Cars Near Evans, GA?

A: As a dedicated Volvo dealership, we must house a Volvo-certified service and parts facility onsite. As well, our technicians are required the expertise to service all Volvo luxury models.

So, when it comes time for an oil change, it will be handled according to Volvo guidelines. This will include fresh engine oil for internal parts' lubrication. And those extraneous but all-important belts and hoses will be inspected for wear and proper fits.

There's also the complimentary, multipoint inspection with any Volvo oil change.

Q: How do I know if my oil needs changing when commuting to Augusta, GA?

A: If you're mechanically inclined or just curious, locate your oil dipstick near the Volvo engine. Once pulled out, if the residue along the dipstick is dark in color, fresh oil will need to be installed.

Darkened engine oil is likely contaminated or degraded to a point it's no longer viable.

Q: Besides the multipoint inspection, what other services are performed during my Volvo oil change near Grovetown, SC?

A: The Volvo oil change comes with a host of benefits when performed at Gerald Jones Volvo Cars near Aiken, SC.

These will include the following:

  • Tire rotations.
  • Fluid inspections and leveling.
  • Batteries cleaned and tested.
  • Brake system examinations.
  • Software updates, if needed.

Once all is performed, your Volvo luxury SUV will be washed before its return to you.

Q: When will I know to change my oil again?

A: As noted above, you may check for oil color or simply get your Volvo XC40 on an oil-change schedule.

In this, you'll be reminded on the recommended mileage deserving of another oil change and all the benefits therein at Gerald Jones Volvo Cars.

So, schedule your Volvo oil change today near Martinez, GA.

Complimentary Uber Service

Up to 15 miles from dealership.

Alignment Special

$10.00 Off

CVT Transmission Service

$10.00 Off

Oil Filter Change

With Tire Rotation

Spend & Save

-Spend $100-$299/ Save $10 Off -Spend $300-$399/ Save $30 Off -Spend $400-$599/ Save $50 Off -Spend $600-$999/ Save $70 Off -Spend $1,000+/ Save $99 Off

-Spend $100-$299/ Save $10 Off -Spend $300-$399/ Save $30 Off -Spend $400-$599/ Save $50 Off -Spend $600-$999/ Save $70 Off -Spend $1,000+/ Save $99 Off

Saturday Service Special

$10.00 Off

10% Discount when you schedule Saturday Maintenance Service. Up to $100.

10% Discount when you schedule Saturday Maintenance Service. Up to $100.
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