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Here's Why to Choose a Volvo over the Competition near Augusta, GA

We'll freely admit that here at Gerald Jones Volvo Cars, serving Augusta and beyond, we're a little bit biased. Okay, so maybe we're more than a little bit biased. Still, we have to admit; the new Volvo model lineup is full of compelling options. Safe options. Fast options. Luxurious options. Accommodating options. The new Volvo model lineup consists of these models:

With so many options from which to choose, you may feel a bit unsure of which one best suits you. You also may wonder why a Volvo, rather than another vehicle, is the best choice. Here's why.

Safety: Volvo is a Veteran-Pro At Producing Safe, Secure Vehicles

From the three-point seatbelt in the 1950s to side impact protection airbags in the 1990s to blind-spot information systems in the early 2000s, and even pedestrian detection with full automatic braking in 2010, Volvo has been an innovator in automotive safety for many years. Further, current Volvo vehicles continue to be some of the safest on the road, thanks in no small part due to Intellisafe technologies.

Luxury and Design: Volvo Offers Uniquely Scandinavian Luxury and Design

All Volvo models from the large and luxurious XC90 SUV to the funky, urban XC40 to the stately and rugged XC90 Cross Country Estate have at least one thing in common: they all offer a type of unique, upscale design that you won't find in any other vehicle on the road! Clean, calm, and elegant, Volvo cars and SUVs embody a brand of design that is distinctly Scandinavian. This design carries from form to function, too, meaning Volvo vehicles are at once practical and stylish. Aerodynamic outside, and ergonomically-oriented inside, this also makes Volvo models comfortable and efficient to drive.

Technology: Volvo Provides the Latest In-Car Infotainment

Similarly to how it has innovated in the realm of automotive safety, also has made great strides with its groundbreaking infotainment technologies. Most all new Volvo cars and SUVs come equipped with Sensus connected technologies to keep you connected to your favorite smartphone apps, music, and multimedia, or access features like navigation, satellite radio, or control

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