When do I need to replace my brake pads?

The average rule of thumb is to replace brake pads roughly every 30,000 to 70,000 miles, but you can consult your owner's manual for your specific model's recommendation. However, if you drive more intense routes and in more inclement weather you may need to replace your brake pads more frequently. By properly maintaining your brakes, you can help ensure your Volvo is always performing at its best. 

If you have questions regarding your brake pads, give Gerald Jones Volvo a call today. Our experts are here to help and can inspect your brakes to ensure they are functioning properly.

What can affect the lifespan of my brake pads?

Many different factors can cause your brake pads to wear out more quickly. 

  • Where you drive:

    If you do most of your driving in an area like Evans during rush hour, you will be pressing your brakes a lot more frequently, which can wear your brake pads out more quickly. 

  • Your habits behind the wheel:

    If your driving habits include riding the brakes or slamming on the brakes often, you may need to replace your brake pads more frequently.

  • Type of brake pads:

    If you have metallic pads, you may find yourself needing to replace them more often than if you have carbon-ceramic pads. You can look in your owner's manual to find out which type is recommended for your specific vehicle.

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