Shop with Confidence with a Certified Pre-Owned Volvo Near Augusta

Shopping for your next vehicle can be a frustrating experience. This is because it can be hard to find late-model vehicles that can also pass the tests of time, fitness, and even price. Thankfully, drivers everywhere can now access the specialized Certified by Volvo cars and SUVs. This service takes care to provide drivers like you with access to vehicles that are in good shape, well covered, and fun to drive.

Welcome to Certified by Volvo

Some may think that the Certified Pre-Owned vehicle buying process is complicated, but the Certified by Volvo program makes it as easy as pie. Once Evans, GA drivers register for the service, they can quickly and easily select from large numbers of popular and functional vehicles.

Roadside Assistance Awaits

While many motor vehicles are safer and more durable than ever, serious breakdowns and other mishaps can still happen. If such accidents or breakdowns happen to drivers when they are far from home, it can cause real problems in terms of time and expense. The Volvo Certified Pre-Owned vehicle service helps drivers to overcome such difficulties with its dedicated roadside assistance service. Now, whether drivers are close to or far from their homes they can quickly access valuable roadside assistance services. These services include towing, jumps, and lock repair.

Keep Teen Drivers Safer

Many teen drivers hit the roadways for the first time every year. These newly-minted drivers are inexperienced, and because of this they are more prone to accidents and other problems. Volvo helps to help solve this issue by offering vehicles which meet standards set by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). These used vehicles for teens offer special features that maximize safety.

Genuine Service Counts

New cars can be great to drive, but they can also be difficult to repair and service. This is because new vehicles often use newer parts that are more expensive, and usually require specialized service staff. Volvo's Certified Pre-Owned service   provides participants with its Genuine Service agreement plan. This plan gives drivers access to mechanics trained to specific standards. It also gives Aiken, SC owners access to OEM parts that are engineered to the finest safety and quality standards.

Choose Your Warranty

Even new vehicles can sometimes break down. In such situations, it is key for drivers to have warranties in place in order to avoid excess charges. Volvo provides just such warranties with its Certified Pre-Owned warranty service. It provides several types of warranties, including a 5-year limited and a 10-year upgradeable warranty. Both warranty options offer high levels of protection for drivetrains and much more.

Proper Reconditioning Counts

All too often, dealerships who buy used vehicles fail to properly fix them before reselling them to others. Volvo Pre-Owned Certified prevents this with its pre-owned vehicle reconditioning service. Each vehicle gets thoroughly inspected and outfitted with brand new, certified Volvo parts.

Fresh Vehicle History Reports

It can be hard to know a vehicle's history just by looking at it. As such,  questionable vehicles may be offered by unscrupulous dealers. Volvo Certified Pre-Owned discourages this type of behavior with CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports. These specialized history reports can save car shoppers vital time and cash.

Skip Some Deductibles

While warranties can be good things to have, overly high deductibles can take all the joy out of them. The good news is, Volvo Certified Pre-Owned services offers owners low or no deductibles. It can come in handy for Grovetown, GA drivers who need expensive repair services.

Test Drive a Certified Pre-Owned Volvo

Gerald Jones Volvo Cars in Augusta, GA carries a great selection of quality Certified by Volvo cars and SUVs. Call or email today to schedule a time to come in and take your next Volvo for a test drive!


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